Peach Pelegrino Photography

Welcome to my studio! How may I assist you today?

About me

The name is Peach Pelegrino, and I'm an avid GPoser. I began taking light shots of my character in cutscenes, and then slowly progressed to what I am now. I have a genuine love and desire to take awesome GPoses for anyone willing to allow me to. I work my hardest to deliver to you the GPose of your dreams within the scope of my abilities. Much love and gratitude.

Mission Statement

To bring joy and light to Eorzea through the art of GPosing.

Services / Pricing

We offer a variety of SFW services including:

  • Solo GPose Pack - 3 Shots -300k

  • Couple GPose Pack - 3 Shots - 500k

  • Group GPose Pack (3 or more) - 3 shots -600k (+150k per extra person)

  • Destination Solo GPose Pack - 3 shots - 400k


Contact me

Interested in setting up a shoot? All services must be pre-scheduled with me at one of the following: